Get growing

Anyone can grow their own food, even on a small scale. You don't even need a garden! All you need is just one pot, some compost (preferably peat free and organic) and some seeds. We've suggested some plants below that are simple to grow, delicious to eat, and will grow happily and healthily in your pot. Browse through the cards, pick your favourite from the list and see how you go. If you cannot find a growing card for a vegetable, herb or fruit you wish to grow, you may be able to find it amongst out wider educational resources here.

Further support

Below is a varied collection of activity sheets which may help with your growing. Throughout this grow your own initiative, Garden Organic will be helping everyone to kick-start their growing using these hands-on activities as support.

You can also find a variety of seeds, plants and gardening products available from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, the official catalogue of Garden Organic. The catalogue is run as a joint venture with Dobies, based in Devon and very order from The Organic Gardening Catalogue supports the work of Garden Organic.

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